Schedule email sending periodically and quickly thanks to this tiny tool

A free utility with scheduling and automatic checking of email status when using Gmail.

Gmail is one of the most popular and free email services available today. And if you regularly work with Gmail, it’s important to know if the recipient has opened the email if your email is important and needs to be viewed as quickly as possible.

Unlimited Email Tracker is an extension for Google Chrome, which automatically checks and notifies users of the email status they have sent, plus it provides additional scheduling options to automatically send email to the address that the user has previously set up. Pretty cool, isn’t it? The following will be suggestions for how to use Unlimited Email Tracker for you.

First, you need to access this address ( to install Unlimited Email Tracker for Google Chrome.

After installing the add-on, restart your browser and access Gmail. When a window asking to activate Unlimited Email Tracker will appear, press Activate to activate it.

Gmail will reload and when finished, you will see the Unlimited Email Tracker icon appear in the Gmail interface.

To get started, click on the icon to create a new email. Then the familiar email compose dialog box appears, along with three new icons appear in it. Each icon will have different functions.

The icons from left to right include an email icon with a clock (Send your message at a specific time) that establishes the time to send email. You will have suggested time frames to select or manually select via the Set date & time option.

Clock icon (Set a reminder if your message is not read, no link clicks, or gets no replies) will provide tracking and notification of the status of email sent by recipients or not.

This is a nice feature of Unlimited Email Tracker, and you can set up notifications when recipients click on the email you send.

The final bell icon will have a confirmation function that tracks and notifies the status of email sent. If it is green, this function is enabled for email, and red is the opposite.

When you first use one of the three functions that Unlimited Email Tracker brings, you will need to grant Snovio access to your Google account to activate and launch functions that Unlimited Email Tracker provides.

To check the status of email sent, please visit the Sent section of Gmail. It will then be anticipated that each email header will have labels corresponding to the status of the sent email that are automatically checked and reported by Unlimited Email Tracker.

Unlimited Email Tracker supports most Gmail accounts that users log on to Google Chrome so you don’t need to switch back and forth every time you need it. And it also provides some basic options for you to personalize this gadget if you want.

That’s all about Unlimited Email Tracker, hoping this utility will be useful for you.