Nissan has exposed a new technology system anticipating the action that the driver wants to conduct and performing it a few seconds earlier. This automation is expected to help reduce the possibility of some potential accidents that may occur. It is also known as Brain-to-Vehicle or B2v tech.

In order to put this system into work, specifically for the current prototype, the driver needs to equip himself with a set of headphones with electors that are supposed to measure and “decrypt” the driver’s cortex.

Based on these collections of data, the system receives predictions about the driver’s intention, such as suddenly turning the steering wheel or stepping on the brake pedal. Then the system instantly performs those actions a few moments earlier than the driver carries out them, ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. Despite the fact that the impact is relatively significant in case of emergency, Nissan claims that this process is negligible.

B2v tech will be unveiled in the CES gathering, taking place in Las Vegas.

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