How to Set the Timer on Your LG Vortex Android Phone Camera

Having a timer on your camera is always useful. Having a timer on your camera phone is better. The LG Vortex Android Phone has a built in timer for the camera that will allow you to set it on one of the three options. In this guide, I am going to show you how to set the timer on your LG Vortex Android Phone camera.

The first thing you should do is load your camera. You can do this by opening your main menu on the phone and then opening the applications. In the applications menu, you will need to locate the camera icon and tap it.

When the camera loads as if you are going to take a picture, you will need to tap the screen to open the menu on the left side of the screen. When the menu opens, locate the settings icon on the bottom, left of the screen and tap it.

In the settings menu, find the Timer option and tap it to open the timer. Now you will need to decide how long you want to set the timer for. Once you have decided, tap the option you decided on. When you are ready to start the count down, you will need to click the Camera icon. The same icon you would click if you were taking a photo.

When you click the camera icon, the countdown will begin. Once it counts down, it will take the photo. After taking the photo, you can share it or do whatever you want to with it. Before you start the timer, make sure everything is set. If you don’t get in front of the camera in time, simply start the timer over. You can start it over by repeating the steps above.

After the timer goes off and the photo is taken, the camera timer settings will return to normal. That means, there won’t be a timer on the camera anymore. You will have to set the timer up each time you want to use it.