Who Makes Money Online with Constant-Content?

Freelance writing is a very competitive business, and it can be difficult to find venues to submit your writing to, either online writing or print sources. Constant Content is a website that allows writers to submit any writing piece that they have, either previously published articles, or exclusive writing pieces. To read more of an overview of Constant Content, check out my first article on this company.
Constant-Content: Make Money Writing Online
If you are a freelance writer, or simply someone who has found that writing online for cash is easy for you, constant content may be a suitable venue for you to market your work. But, I don’t believe that Constant-Content is for everyone.
Who Should Write for Constant Content?In my opinion, and from my research and use of Constant-Content, only experienced writers, freelance copy writers, or those who can write and inform (tutorials, etc.) fairly easily and with quality. This is why:
When you submit your writing to Constant-Content, you are chosen by publishers or content seekers on the website. Typically, these “clients” know what they want, have experience purchasing writing, and are going to expect high caliber pieces for whatever venue they are sourcing for. If you have many articles, editorials, tutorials, research pieces and you are an experienced freelance writer, it is very beneficial to carefully submit your work and it is likely that the piece will get chosen and purchased.
But, if you write for fun or you are not an experienced writer, those “clients” on the site will choose a suitable author who uses proper grammar, format, experience, etc. to purchase writing from.
Is Constant-Content Worth it?Constant Content is definitely a worthwhile endeavor for serious writers, or intelligent experts in particular fields (computers, crafts, psychology, etc.) to sell their previously published pieces, or non-published writing. You should be confident of your work, and price your work accordingly (you set your price for each article with Constant-Content.) That is how you will really cash in with Constant-Content, selling high caliber articles/writing for higher prices. It will sell, because there is a large market for content on the web and otherwise.
Also, if you are interested in selling your writing on constant-content, keep in mind that many of the “clients” are searching for articles to use online. This means that you will need to have some experience (in addition to writing experience) in writing for SEO and keyword optimization. You definitely don’t have to be an expert, but knowing some about it helps.
Who Shouldn’t sign up for Constant-Content?If you are a blogger, who simply writes to cash in on Adsense, payperpost, blogitive.com, and affiliates, Constant Content might not be worth your time. Unless, of course, you plan on really shaping up your work, and are confident that it is marketable.
Another Tip for Constant-Content…One way to make money quicker and easier with Constant-Content is to check out their content requests. There is a section on Constant-Content to check out client content requests. If you go through this section, you might find a request that you already have an article to submit for. Likely, the client will purchase your article if it is submitted.
Good Luck making money online with Constant-Content, and be sure to check out the site!
If you are interested in signing up and selling your freelance writing with Constant Content, here is your link:

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