101 How to Promote a Real Estate Agent-Broker with a Local News and Information Resource

Here are some new examples of How to Promote a Real Estate Agent-Broker with a Local News and Information Resource:

Example 1: This clean looking, beautiful modification of Elegant Themes’ e-Business template:
It was originally coded by my son for our business at Socialmediasystems.com, which did $779,000+ in nine months before the real estate crash in 2007. Now we have created this model for Tish Johnson Commercial Real Estate Broker in Seattle Washington (who is still our client from back then), with a formatted version of the entire commercial MLS for the west coast, for which she has purchased the rights to display at her website; We will also be selling a version of this for Commercial Realtors on the west coast in other cities (we only have one client per city-industry) for $799.00 per year, in addition to the $50 per month and $100 setup required by the MLS: this includes the Seattle Local News Blog – by Commercial Real Estate Broker to go with it, to connect it to “the roar of all of US” and create traffic and rankings for local organic search:

Example 2 Boise Community News and Real Estate Guide
This is our standard type of local blog (DIY $179 per year) – after one year, we were not impressed with how some of our bloggers were doing on their own – they were not embracing our unique methodology – so we offered to fix up their existing blog for the $121 difference as if they had bought our hands-on setup ($300 for one month launch, posting, rankings, exposure to our audience): the client had never built out the pages, never optimized anything, so we just deleted the pages all together and left it a straight simple blog, since it is obvious that is all the client is willing to use it as. This is not ideal; the client is not optimizing anything, no key words, putting posts in too many categories so everything is the same, making many mistakes that will undermine effectiveness and stickiness, a good example of what not to do: we fixed it up as much as we could in the time allotted. This is exactly why some people do not get results: It is a shame because there is a lot of good content.

Example 3 Denver Community News Blog by local Broker Angel Realty
This is much more our standard setup and methodology – another redo for a client who picked this theme (I would not – too plain) where we redid it because the client was failing on her own here – that is why we usually sell custom setups now, the clients often do badly on their own, but this one will work better for her now and rank for some searches immediately:

Notes about what to do and not do: I do not understand why people do not get these obvious things:

Think like your visitors.

Who do you want to reach?

How will they find you?

Will they find what they are expecting? (relevance)

Can they find their way around?

Can they find your phone number without clicking, even without ever going to the website?

Did you take the time to properly optimize?

Is the information useful and easy to navigate enough for them to want to bookmark, subscribe, come back, look around????

Do you really think that the page will rank in search and that Google will not know that it is worthless and nobody sticks around?

Does it really matter, if nobody can find it in the first place?!

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