Verizon phone number for activation 2020 best activation steps

Do you need Verizon phone number for activation or are you using Verizon wireless phone as your service provider and you need the activation number to get it working? If yes then you are at the right place, because on this article you will you can get the numbers and also the steps to activate it.

Verizon which was formerly known as Bell Atlantic Corporation from 1983 till 2000 is now the second largest American telecommunications company by revenue after AT&T, they are now topping CenturyLink, Frontier communication, Consolidated communication on Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island regions.

Verizon Phone Number for activation

Before we lay emphasis on the Verizon phone number for activation, Please note that these are the phone numbers to setup your plan.

1.*228:  If you are using a flip phone then use your phone dial pad to type in *228 and press Send.

2. *22898: This number are for pre-paid plan users, just go to your phone dial pad and in *22898 follow all prompts to set up the your pre-paid plan.

3. (877) 807-4646: This are for the 4G plan users, to activate 4G plan just dial (877) 807-4646 on another phone and follow the spoken prompts for activation.

4. (800) 922-0204: If you are going through any issue activating your Line or you have mistakenly run into trouble, just know you can talk to Verizon customer care support through (800) 922-0204.

Activation number for Verizon phone (android)

However there are many ways to get Verizon phone number for activation but since Verizon Wireless has a toll-free number to call so we are starting with the phone, follow the steps to learn.

STEP 1:  Firstly you would need a phone to call, you can collect from your friend or you can rather use a landline to make the call, before you can activate it.

STEP 2: Secondly you would have to copy down your SIM card serial number, IMEI number, Phone number on your SIM receipts or at the back of your SIM because you would be asked to provide it  your call.

STEP 3: Thirdly you  have to open your phone cover for you to insert the SIM card for your Verizon phone number activation although for some phones you may have to remove the battery too put the SIM and close back make sure your battery is charged.

STEP 4: Call the Verizon phone number for activation “(877) 807-4646” from your dial pad.  It will connect you to Verizon Wireless customer service. Just follow the simple voice commands before you will be connected to a real customer care service person, tell the customer care personel that you need to activate your Verizon phone (SIM). They will ask you the information that you copied down earlier (serial number, IMEI, Phone number)  Provide the information after a few minutes your SIM will be activated, so you can now end the call,  isn’t that easy.

Verizon phone number activation online

The Verizon Wireless which accepts phones which are powered by Google (Android), Apple (iOS), BlackBerry OS and Microsoft (Windows) uses both 3G network and 4G LTE network for smartphone and it can be activated online, follow these steps on how to activate your number

STEP 1: To use this system you have to open a Web browser and navigate to Verizon website and create a new account by clicking the “Register” button, If you have created an account, just enter your phone number or user ID and your password to Sign in to your account.

STEP 2: Go to your account area and enter the Activate icon and click on the Switch Device option and choose Set up a New Line or Existing Line.

STEP 3: Add your SIM phone number and enter Check ID before you Confirm. If is an existing line it will start working but if it is a new line then you will receive Verizon Phone Number for activation or rather a security code.

STEP 4: Type in your phone identification number in the New Device ID box. The identification number is at the back of the phone so open the battery panel to see it.

STEP 5: after filling everything click the “Submit” icon to activate Verizon phone number online.

activate your Verizon phone number with My Verizon apk

The verizon company which offers different voice and data plans for its users allows its user to activate their line through their company apk ( MY VERIZON APK).

unlike the way you activated your SIM online and also through your telephone you would need MY VERIZON APK for this process.

STEP 1: Go to Google playstore and install My Verizon apk on your smartphone on your phone.

STEP 2: Open the installed apk on your smartphone and click on Add device, after clicking on the add device on the next page click on ”Activate a device I already own ” and choose the kind of device you are adding.

STEP 3: After choosing the kind of device you are adding choose the operating system of the device you choose and type in your device ID which is at the back of your phone. After that your Verizon phone activation is complete.

Verizon activation phone number for pre-paid and 4G service

To activate Verizon prepaid or 4G service depends on your service plan and it also depends on your SIM, the plan you are using will determine your activation Phone Number on both or one of the following.

Note: This works on Android, iPhone and flip phones respectively

1. To Activate a Pre-Paid Plan on Verizon wireless just dial their customer care *22898 and follow all the promt and if you were prompted for your pre-paid plan details during the setup just skip this plan and try the 4G activation.

2. To activate the 4G plan is different from the Pre-paid plan you have to dial (877) 807-4646 on another phone you can borrow from a friend, follow the prompts.

NOTE: please if you are not activating new SIM but instead switching your cell phones, please back up all of your contacts before activating your new phone. You can use Verizon Backup Assistant application for this process.

With the Verizon phone number for activation and the steps given i think you can get all  your problems solved but if there is other issue not stated here kindly comment it.

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