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New Cumberland: Boardgamers’ Pastime invites all (16 or older, no experience necessary) to play a wide variety of strategy board games. Join us at no cost on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month (excluding holiday weekends) from 12pm to 6pm in the Foundation House just behind the New Cumberland Public Library. We play uncommon multiplayer board games offering all sorts of fun and interesting themes.

We have provided driving directions for those not familiar with the New Cumberland Public Library.

If you would like any additional information not available online, please contact Mario.

Foundation House is not available for use by community groups, but only for programs sponsored by The Friends of the Library.


Do you play [Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.]?

People often wonder if we play their favorite game. We have had callers specifically ask about both Monopoly and Scrabble. Though we play neither, we don’t enforce any restrictions on what games people may bring or play. The games our regulars play vary according to their interests, mostly a variety of strategy board games called Eurogames. In our opinion, board games have come a long way since the days of Monopoly and Scrabble. Today there are hundreds of other board games options that we consider more fun, fascinating, and engaging than the games popular a generation ago.

What kinds of games do you play?

After someone asks me whether we play Monopoly (or some other common American game) and I tell them we don’t, they naturally ask something like, “Well, then what kinds of games do you play?” After naming a few, I’d inevitably get dead silence on the other end. Americans haven’t yet heard of all the great games being produced worldwide because these games are not yet popular in our culture. Most Americans have heard only of games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry!, and Parcheesi. It’s a shame, really, and it’s no wonder board games aren’t as popular in The States as they are in other countries. I’ve played all of the aforementioned games and, in my opinion, they’re lackluster by comparison to the kinds of games we play, called Eurogames.

For those unfamiliar with Eurogames, we recommend you take our illustrated…

Tour of Eurogames

What is a Eurogame?

A Eurogame is one name for a variety of “strategy board games” initially published and popularized in Europe. At most America shopping centers and toy stores there are only a moderate number of board games from which to choose. In Europe there are hundreds — even thousands! — of board games from which to chose. Most of them are designed by individuals who are passionate about designing and playing games. Since the initial resurgence of well-designed, quality games were authored by designers from Germany and other parts of Europe, it only made sense that these strategy board games be coined “Eurogames, German games,” and “designer games.”

The real question behind “What is a Eurogame?” is “What makes a Eurogame different from a typical American board game?” There are a number of significant differences lending to a much richer experience playing Eurogames. The internet already provides some good answers to this question. Rather than restating them, I’ll simply point you in the right direction… German Style Game – brief summary The beginners guide to German Games – constrasts German and American games ‘German’ Game FAQ – very detailed An Introduction to German Games – an editorial style article

Do you mind teaching beginners?

Not only don’t we mind, we love introducing people to our games and evangelizing our hobby to others. The games we play are such great fun — they really are! — that we’re convinced anyone who plays them will soon be introducing them to their friends.

Besides, there are so many new games being released each year that many of us (even the experienced ones) are learning new games all the time. On average, most of our regulars learn a new game each time they attend. I’m hoping you won’t be put off because you may not know any of our games to start. Though experience will come in time, the fun will be immediate.

How difficult are the games?

The difficulty of the games we play varies widely. Some games are extremely simple and some are a bit deeper. Most of the time, however, the difficulty isn’t in learning the rules, but in learning to play the game well. Consider Chess. It’s rules are deceptively simple, but the game itself is brilliantly deep. Some people make careers of playing chess. Don’t worry. It won’t take years — perhaps only a few plays — before you’re capable of winning a game. In fact, some beginners have won the first time they’ve played a game. There’s enough of an element of luck in many of our games that everyone has a chance of winning.

Is there food and beverages?

We don’t provide any though you’re welcome to bring your own. We’re responsible for using the facility and for restoring it to a clean state. So long as we do that, feel free to bring whatever food you like.

There’s no water fountain, but we do have access to water in the bathrooms.

What are the ages of those who attend?

Our general restriction is that everyone be at least 16 or older. By and large, the average age is perhaps in the mid- to late-thirties. We have teenagers and seniors alike.

Where can I buy Eurogames?

There are numerous ways to find Eurogames both locally and online. There is a nearby game shop called Foner’s Games Only Emporium (761-8988) located in Lemoyne, PA. There is a hobby shop called Pastimes (838-9502) located in Palmyra, PA.

There are dozens of options online. I recommend that you compare prices before making a purchase as the prices of the games found online may vary widely.

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