A Look at the Medical Transcription Course

A good medical transcription course from a reputed university enables a professional to transcribe reports using the correct format based on the AMA rules. You should be able to define medical terms and abbreviations. You should be able to define the prefixes, combine forms and suffixes presented and use them to build medical terms. Correct spelling usage along with the right use of the abbreviations is required. Here is a look at some of the subjects covered in the course

Basic Word Structure, Prefixes, Suffixes

Medical terms by body systems

Course on Human Anatomy including an in-depth study of the various body systems such as the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, blood system etc.



Legal Medical Records

General Style Standard and Guide for Medical Transcription

Special standards and nomenclatures

Patient Privacy Policies

Dictation practice

Microsoft Word course including file systems, creating documents, document templates and advanced features.

In addition emailing, printing, downloading and uploading are some of the prerequisites of the programs. Once your course is complete, the schools assist in job placements. In addition to schools that offer campus training, there are a number of great online MT courses. Some of these online medical transcription courses give you the flexibility to choose from different course options. However there are also certain requirements for these online courses such as the AHDI book of style, a medical dictionary, digital USB foot pedal and computer headphones. Mastering these courses and entering this industry is not all that difficult. Whether you are opting for campus based schools or online programs to gain a foothold into this booming industry, remember the key is to work hard and dedicate all your energies to gain the advantage after you have passed out from a medical transcription program

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