The problem with Microsoft

Microsoft ruled the world — at least for a decade. The majority of computers (and still now) runs on Windows. This scenario hasn’t changed from the past decade or two. Linux and Mac OS X, though good didn’t gain the market share. It was everywhere — Windows. Then and now, not many things have changed in terms of Computers. Although your Smartphone you use everyday has the same power as Personal Computers had 20 years back. A minor difference, right? This shows Technology do take leap but what doesn’t is Microsoft.

Microsoft makes Windows. Simple. Or take it like this. Windows makes Microsoft.

Windows (*) is alone the most profitable business in the whole world. Windows is what makes Microsoft, Microsoft.

But over time everything stales. Right?

The same has happened with Microsoft. Poor management of things has led them to a decline of Windows sales for the first time.

Windows Vista failed. At that time it was OK, nobody gave a f- to it. Mac was effin’ expensive and people thought, and even some now thinks, anything not having Windows isn’t a computer.

Windows is ought to be used by people less tech-savvy and moron-ish kind of. Mac is considered to be a premium device. This analogy isn’t made by me or by any tech enthusiast. It is what happens over time. Windows is seriously a joke right now. I believe anything with the word Windows in it can’t succeed. Ask the person who pleaded in front of Ballmer to give Windows Phone 8 another name. Seriously. Windows Phone 8. Give me a break.

Now take it this one : Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Seriously. Where did that 7 come from? Yeah, yea, we know its the 7th Big release of Windows but hell, why do you break the series of naming. Same with the case of Windows 8. If you’ve used Windows 8, you probably would have some information about the “CHARMS BAR.” The bar that pops up from the right side of the screen. Charms bar. Damn. What does it do? Some magic. Yes. It can shut down your computer. It should better be called ‘Sidebar’. Somebody at Microsoft needs to get some “How-to name” lessons.

And the problem just isn’t about the Software part, but the things Microsoft does. Its CEO does. Ever seen Steve Jobs (RIP)? He wasn’t the quietest guy, but didn’t give away free advices on street like Mr. Ballmer did ( In case you don’t know he is CEO of Microsoft. )


Remember Ballmer laughed on iPhone. Here’s the video in case you missed.

And remembered when he went crazy. (This pretty much sums up why Windows 8 is like we know it today. )

And when he mocked Android Phone. (At least it is better than Windows Phone 8)

And here’s the Best of Ballmer if you want more.

People rant about Ballmer like:

“ Apple has secretly hired Ballmer to destroy Microsoft from Inside.”

Late Steve Jobs also poked fun on what’s wrong with Microsoft.

“The only problem with Microsoft is that they have no Taste. They don’t think of original ideas and they don’t bring much culture into their products. I am saddened not by Microsoft’s success, I have no problem with their success. They have earned their success for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make third rate products.”

Here’s a short video about Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer, side by side. And at the end you’ll know why Apple is the most valuable company on the planet.

Ballmer should talk less and do more of the work.

Next problem, isn’t a problem just with Microsoft, it is the problem with almost any company making Tablets right now. The iPad Effect.

Take it like this, “A potential tablet buyer enters a store, sees tons of tablets but can’t figure out which one would make a better deal for him. He asks for ‘iPad.’ Store representative asks, which one? iPad Mini or iPad? -Show me both. He ogles both asks for price and his mind blows. He asks for iPad ‘not made by Apple’. Store representative’s mind blows.”

See the problem? He does not have an idea if any other company makes Tablets. I won’t offend him. The problem is on the other end. Yes. With the advertisement part. Heck, Microsoft almost have had spent a billion dollars on Advertising. Yes, with a ‘B’. After all, new products need publicity. But a problem still exists. With the adverts.

Watch this and you’ll know why.

Let me get to this straight. Why are advertisements made? To make people get-know about your new products in an interactive manner. And after watching the above commercial you’ll know why Microsoft has a lot to prove, still. What does it show, a tablet has a clickpad, and some school going dancing girls (at least they did a better job than Microsoft.)

Microsoft has seriously a problem in their back end. At some points they thought so well. Yes I am talking about the impressions I have had after Surface RT was released. Hardware was an absolute stunner, but Software was a BIG disappointment. Microsoft did the impossible. Nailed the hardware and failed at the software end — for which they are known.

Overall, Microsoft needs some permanent changes. Ballmer though having some extraordinary management skills don’t fit well for the Software giant. Windows should have a shorter development cycle like OS X is having right now. Touting to be a tablet OS just don’t work. And lastly, Microsoft should have a rebranding. At least for Windows. Windows just don’t feel right. It has been abused for long years and people no longer trust this word.

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