4 methods to play trivia from the couch of yours

My latest obsession in recent weeks has been trivia, which is partly due to the fact that I recently learned that Nepenthe Brewing Company hosts trivia every Wednesday. They’re currently on hiatus due to expanded COVID-19 constraints in Baltimore City, but at the most recent edition, my squad earned $25 in bar cash.

Trivia does not, though, have to be played in a bar or in person. I consider playing a game as Thanksgiving passes and you’re more likely to be at home with your parents for an extended amount of time. Here are four different ways you can play trivia from the safety of your own house.

  1. Game night on Jeopardy!

First and foremost, a heartfelt goodbye to Alex Trebek, a real legend. And there’s Jeopardy! Isn’t that practically trivia? It certainly irritates the same section of the brain; I really don’t want to offend any trivia purists out there. I know a few people who love playing Jeopardy! by simply watching the show and answering the questions, and I particularly suggest College Jeopardy! if you’re trying to go this way then it’ll be a lot smoother.

You may, however, create your own Jeopardy! game. You will build your own Jeopardy! board on Jeopardylabs.com and email it to your peers. Make a pal the host for a night of Zoom Jeopardy! It’s a wonderful way to reminisce about your shared experiences as well as a wonderful bonding opportunity.

  1. Play a game of Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning site with multiple-choice quizzes, but if you look around long enough, you’ll find a seriously entertaining game of trivia. If you like, you can even build your own Kahoot! game at in-kahoot.com . If anyone shares their phone, Kahoot! helps you to drop a pin in a community chat so you can all play over Zoom. Just be cautious when selecting a game. I can tell you from personal knowledge that you could get trapped in a 90-question game built for seventh graders.

  1. QuizUp/Trivia Crack

Both of these games are those I recall playing in high school, and now will be a great opportunity to have them out. These are both smartphone games where you challenge a peer or a random player from the internet one-on-one, unlike the previous recommendations. They also don’t necessitate joining a Zoom call or interacting with a party, and when it’s not your turn, you simply wait for your buddy. Or a fun game to play in the background as you build your once-in-a-lifetime Kahoot! quiz.

QuizUp gets the advantage for me because of the almost infinite amount of topics you will try. I was a reasonably regular high-ranker on the South Park trivia QuizUp leaderboards about 2014. Perhaps Thanksgiving break would offer the optimal chance for me to hit those heights once more.

  1. Participated in Zoom trivia

As you can remember from previous versions of “Events this week,” virtual trivia is often hosted over Zoom, which relieves you of the responsibility of making your own trivia game. The greatest part of this kind of trivia is that there is something for everyone’s interests. This can involve everything from Bob’s Burgers trivia to NPR-hosted trivia to Disney villain trivia. Although there is typically a charge to participate, if you can afford it, you’ll be helping a small company escape a pandemic, and you may even earn some prizes.


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