Android Apps Features


The most popular mobile platform in the world is Android. You can use all the apps of Google that you know and that you love with Android. In addition to this, there are 600,000 games and apps that are available on Google Play that keeps you entertained, along with millions of books and songs and thousands of movies. The devices of Android are really smart and they will get smarter if new features are added to it that will not be found on the other platform. Hence, it will let you focus on what is important and give you the control of your mobile experience.

Android Market

There are many android markets all over the world from where you can install your favourite apps. Google Android Market, SlideMe, Amazon Appstore,, GetJar, Appbrain, Handango, Mikandi, Androidblip, AppstoreHQ, Appoke, AndroidPit, AppsLib, 1Mobile, Me and My Droid and many more.


There are many features provided by the Android platform to its users. First of all, you can carry Google with you. The web sites work best in this platform. You can enjoy your favourite entertainment across Android devices without any wires. You can browse fast on your Android tablets or phones using Chrome.

You can play wherever you go. The easiest way to enjoy all your likings is Google Play- no hassle, no wire, just pure entertainment. You can watch, listen or read whatever you want and anywhere you want on your phone or your tablet or in any browser at

It is used by the people all over the world as it is so very powerful and useful. The home screen, email, web browser is designed on Android to make your life easier. You can create a unique experience with mobile that is right for you y using Android and it is open also.

Android Apps

If you are looking for a way to stay connected to the people or ways to stay informed on the go or if you are looking for a great game, Android Apps will help you. A new game is added to Google Play stores- Cut the Rope. It may seem like a simple game but it actually takes a lot of try and about 55 million players are addicted to it already. If you want to play a game full of fun for two hours or 2 minutes, this store has a fun oriented package for you- World of Goo, which is a kind of weird.

You can make your phone as unique as you want to be. You can customize your Android device that match up to your habits and tastes. There are loads of home screens that can make your phone look way different than others. A travel advisor on the android device can help you to explore far flung locales.


When you download any application to your Android device, it automatically gets delivered to your mobile phones instantly. So you can explore your Google Play and download hundreds of apps you want from Android marketplace.

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