7 Reasons You Need to Mobilize Your Business Today

Mobile marketing has changed the world of product and service promotion. There is no doubt about this. In addition, it has become an extremely hot branding and list building tool. In fact, its ability to capture leads by the hundreds makes it quite possibly the most powerful tool a savvy marketer can have in his or her toolbox. More powerful than the internet itself? In some ways, yes… but the two definitely go hand in hand.

There are many ways to tap into the power of mobile marketing, including the utilization of websites converted into mobile versions, short message text marketing, and Quick Response (QR) codes. This article will uncover some of the many advantages of making the transition into mobile marketing as soon as possible. In fact, we will discuss seven specific reasons why this is such an essential tool for marketers of all types.

Here are the 7 reasons why mobile marketing is so effective:

1. Most of your prospects currently own mobile devices. If they don’t, they will. Your message can reach these individuals no matter where they may be. There is no need for them to be at a computer, as their phones serve as computers! Ignoring this one simple truth can cost you an absolute fortune.

2. How big is your scope of potential customers? How’s this for a figure: 4,000,000,000 people currently have mobile plans. That is FOUR BILLION men, women, and kids from all walks of life interested in just about anything a person could be interested in!

3. These people are super accessible. Most people always have their phones nearby. At least 90% of the time, these individuals are able to answer their phones whenever it rings or buzzes. Using text advertising, you will have PHENOMENOL open and view rates, leading to more leads, sales, and long-term customers.

4. In the United States alone, an average of 3 hours per day are spent online… from mobile devices! This gives you an incredible opportunity to brand yourself and your business.

5. This technology is really still in its very infant stages, and its number of users is expected to double from 500 million in 2009 to over a billion before 2014. This gives you a great opportunity to jump onboard now and reap HUGE rewards as this growth commences!

6. Get this. In less than 3 short years, more people will be accessing the web via mobile devices than via laptop computers. This presents you with tremendous leverage, and now is the time to take advantage!

7. 1/3 of all Facebook users are accessing the social media giant by way of mobile devices. This is a whopping 200 million users! It is also said that these users are more than twice as active as computer users.

All of this leads to just one conclusion. The time to go mobile with your marketing efforts is now. Grab all the subscribers and customers you can over the course of the next 4 or 5 years, before the market becomes saturated and you are left fighting for the scraps.

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