The Keys to Success in Network Marketing

There are a couple main keys to success in network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM). People tend to struggle in the industry because they get distracted by too many things and do not concentrate on what is important. These aspiring network marketers need to remember the basics.

You need to know your why. Why are you doing the business? You need to start dreaming again about all of those things you had thought were out of reach. Is it to fire your boss? Is it to get more time with your spouse or family? Is it to pay off debt, credit card debt, student loan debt or a mortgage? Is it for travel, a new car, or a beach house? Whatever the reason is, you need to know it, to hold it in your heart. This is what keeps you going when you get the 97th out of a hundred nos.

To help you with this, create vision boards. Send yourself cards with your dreams on them. This creates the reality in your mind that this is possible. If your dream is a $10,000 check, take a check you have now from your company, scan it and put $10,000. Print it out and place it where you will see it every day. Naturally you cannot cash it, but seeing this will get you in the proper mindset.

Speaking of mindset, you need to cultivate your MLM blueprint. The MLM blueprint is how you think of the industry. You need to be proud to be in MLM. If you are embarrassed to be involved with the industry and your company, it is going to show when you talk about it with prospects. Take the time each day to tell someone new about MLM. Make sure you use that term. It is the one with the most negative connotations.

Every morning when you get up say, “I am involved in a multi-level marketing company and I am proud of it.” You need to get over any sort of stigma when talking about your business. You have to believe that you can do it. Think about your “why.” Will network marketing help you to achieve it? Are the products something that benefits people? Is the company on solid ground? Make sure you can answer yes to these questions.

You have to talk to people about your business. If you were on trial for being a network marketer, how many people would the prosecution have to testify that you were indeed a network marketer? While you are talking to these people, listen to them. Are they doing well? Are they surviving financially?

Remember that you are in the people business. The company is in the product business. As network marketers we leverage the efforts of other people and we provide value through training and support. When you fail to provide that value you will lose your downline.

Never forget that in order to be successful you need to create leverage. Leverage is the power that creates wealth for you. In other words you need to have to duplicate yourself and teach others to do the same.

Finally to be successful, you need to be a product of the product. You need to use your products. There are a couple reasons for this. First you need to understand the system. In order to explain it to potential customers and distributors you need to be able to use your company’s system. Also, you need to be a symbol of the product. If the product is health oriented, use it and be an example of how well it works. If it is something else use and demonstrate through your actions that it benefits customers.

MLM is not particularly hard. You have to understand your motivation and keep that foremost in your mind. You need to talk to people and be proud of your company and the industry. You need to train people in what you do. That means not making it too complicated. Use the product and demonstrate its value. Do all these things consistently and you will find success in network marketing.

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