Best Blogging Tips To Increase Traffic And Save Time

Every Blogger’s want to increase their blog traffic to earn good income through their blog . For that they need more time to spend on their blog and work hard . If they didn’t get good traffic so all their struggle will be vain . Hence if you got good traffic in response there will be good result .

Daily you wake up and check your blog traffic either there is little or no improvement . There must be something that you doing wrong or should be not done .


Post daily which will help to improve your site rankings . Most of search engine like Google like to see new and fresh contents on website . If you are struggling to achieve decent traffic then you have to published one post on the daily basis . If you frequently post more as a result you will get more traffic .

With daily post its also important to fix time for posting because if you don’t post on same time daily which is fixed by you so this can also drop your rankings at search engine . For example : Daily i published two posts and its timing is 2 to 3 o clock .


Lots of blogger’s want to increase their rankings at search engine , and they write such type of content which is not understanding good or the words which are used in that content are too difficult . Always write for readers that they understand your post well which is having meaningful idea .


This is the most effective method , this not only give you traffic but also give quality backlinks which help to improve your site traffic in a long run . Write an article which is relating to your website and submit it on article directories which are most popular such as hubpages , squidoo , ezine articles e.t.c . For example : if your blog is about make money online , and you write an article on making money at online tips and mention your blog in that article . And you submit it on most popular article directories such as Ezine articles , hubpages , squidoo for the traffic and backlinks .


Every one’s should introduce their blogs on social media platform , its not only give popularity to your blog but also acts as a platform to interact with your audiences . You can create free account at every social media platform like facebook , twitter , digg e.t.c . Create a facebook fan page for your blog and share your post on that page or create a twitter account and start interacting with others people . Facebook and twitter the big giants of social media .


Search engine optimization is a big process which having lot of books . But didn’t want to read any book you have only to apply few techniques to your blog . Search engine optimization is too important for your blog because it will help search engines to find your blog easily .

You must keep few methods in your mind . Keep keywords in your mind while writing your title and paragraph . Also introduce 2 to 3 meta description for your post , if you are using WordPress then you have to add meta keywords also . Also learn that How to submit your blog to search engine this is the most important step .



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