The best 10 ways to get referring traffic to your website

If we really want to create a successful website we definately need to acquire lots of traffic. This is definately the most challenging part we will be facing on the road to success. There are many ways to drive some traffic to your website. I’ll be discussing the best 20 techniques to use in order to achieve that deed through referring traffic. In case you do not know about, referring traffic is traffic that comes from other websites, mainly through clicking to a link to our site. Apart from the fact that it brings traffic on the spot, it also has the added value of creating high value links on already popular websites.

1) Youtube

Youtube is probably the best technique that can guide you through some respectable traffic. Millions of users watch youtube videos and do thousands of searches for what they need to watch. If you can create a video about a topic that your website references, it would be great. DO NOT create a video just to promote your website, though. Create one that provides answers to people’s problems and then just provide a link to your website. Also, it would be a very good choice to appear yourself at that video/videos since that adds more credibility to you.

2) Twitter

Twitter has brought a revolution on today’s social media. If you happen not to know about it, twitter is a microblogging system where users sign up and can tell the others what they do right now, even as i write this article. You may ask how this could help you. In twitter, every person follows other people in order to be informed about their tweets and also is followed by others who like to read theirs. If you make a nice presence and attract quite a lot of followers, you’ll be having a nice crowd of people listening to what you want to say. However, don’t make it strictly promotional. Always have something interesting to say and if people like it, they may just like that new post you made at your blog. If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can look at

3) Yahoo Answers

Another nice choice attracting visitors is definately yahoo answers. It’s a place where people ask questions and those who know the answers can help them. As a signature you can have a link to your website. If you really helped people they will most probably want to pay a visit at your website. Just make sure that you answer on relevant topics and not anything you can answer about.

4) Facebook / MySpace etc

Social networks are also a nice choice. However, you need to be quite active in order to drive people to your website. Moreover, notice that you need TARGETED traffic. That is, if you have a website about pets, you would want to establish connection with others that are interested in the area and not join groups about Michael Jordan or such -well, you may want to join if you like the basketball god but it will not help you .

5) Active Participation in Forums

I think that this is also a very good technique to use. Join one or two forums of relevant content to your website and start being active there. Try to be helpful to others and not spam with your website link. What you have to do is put a link to your website under your signature. If you help people and seem like a good and knowledgeable person, they would really want to find more answers and visit your website to get them.

6) Active Presence on Blogs

The same participation idea applies to blogs as well. Locate a couple of blogs that you’re interested in and talk about your niche. Read posts and make helpful and good comments. When you leave a comment on most blogs, you are allowed to give a website url that makes yourname clickable to your webpage. DO NOT include that link in your post. Also, make sure that you have something to say in your comment. Do not just say “Nice post”. Elaborate a bit. Say why you liked it, how you find it helpful or extend the idea. This is a much better way to attract interested people to click your name and visit your website.

7) Articles for article zines

It is a good idea to publish one or several articles about your niche at an article website. The best choice is probably . Always remember to keep tha article’s topic relevant to your website and provide a link to your website in the end.

8 ) Exchange valuable links

Finding popular websites and exchanging links with webmasters is another good method of retrieving referring traffic. Be kind enough when asking people to include a link to your website. Also, do not exhchange too many links, try to stay in the region of 10-15 and always look for popular websites to exhange links with.

9) Create an ebook

Creating an ebook is a very nice approach on getting people to your site. There are many valuable ebook repositories out there and you can easily add it there for free or for a small sum. Deal with a problem that people have on your niche, provide answers and in the process give a link to your website INSIDE the ebook itself(a good idea is to put the url in the footer of each of your pages of the ebook).

10) Advertise on Pay Per Click programs

That is certainly one of the best and easiest techniques but has the disadvantage that you need to spend a sum of money to follow. Google Adwords is probably the best program to choose in order to advertise your website. It can bring lots of visitors in a matter of hours and it depends on the budget you want to spend. Although many do not prefer it since they do not have the money to spend, it’s still a great way to increase traffic and certainly important to know about.

It is always important to pay attention to referring (indirect) traffic, since it provides a good way of increasing hits to your website, overall traffic and most importantly page rank on several of your website pages. Be consistent in using many of these tips and your traffic will certainly rise.

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