New Pokemon X Y Games Have Great Graphics.

Pokemon X & Y are undoubtedly the series’ twelfth edition, transporting players to the region of Kalos. Wannabe Trainers will be able to choose three whole new starting Pokemon to battle alongside their old favorites as they embark on a fresh quest to defeat the wicked Pokemon League and become the world’s best Trainer. As with every other Pokemon game, the objective is to collect as many Pokemon as possible while creating your team of fighters and sending them into combat against the other trainers. However, once you begin gathering Pokemon, you will confront a surprising and apparently insurmountable obstacle: Dialga, Palkia, and Latios will all be accessible to fight and acquire goods in this game!
If you’ve played previous versions of Pokemon x and y, or simply if you’ve liked them in the past, you’ll soon know the majority of the obstacles you’ll encounter while attempting to create your team and defeat Gym leaders. Each battle’s objective is to decrease the time it takes your opponent to beat you, which is why having a diverse selection of Pokemon to employ is critical. Fortunately, all three of these legendary Pokemon have new moves in X & Y, enabling you to switch up your offensive and defensive tactics in the middle of the game. Certain actions, such as Dig, now enhance the effectiveness of attacks, while others, such as Dragon Claw, get greater strength when combined with another move. Even the most fundamental strikes have been improved, allowing your character to quickly transition between attacking and defensive strategies.
Dialga has always been a pivotal character in the series, but his arrival in X & Y enhances his fighting abilities and introduces him to a whole new set of techniques. He was mostly utilized as a companion for Latios in earlier games. His new ability, Dragon Claw, equips him with a devastating strike that enables him to attack opponents when they are on the ground. Because Latios and Dialga used the same breathe mechanism, if you played a prior game and saved your progress, you’ll see that Dialga’s ability to breathe is shared throughout all of the Pokemon games. This implies that if you’re using a Diamond-generation Pokemon game, you’ll be able to utilize Dialga as well. Dialga also learns a new move called Heat Wave in this version of the game, which aids him in eliminating a large number of the game’s various Pokemon.

Latios is much the same as he was in Diamond, except that he now has the capacity to learn a large number of additional moves. The majority of the moves he learned in Diamond (as a member of the Psychic family) are retained in this version. Latios’s most strong move is Psychic, which is effective against the majority of Pokemon in the game. With this strong move, you’ll easily be able to kill your opponents, particularly if you know how to combine it with your other moves efficiently.
Latios is not quite as strong as other of the newly introduced Pokemon. His greatest action, though, is still flown, allowing you to utilize him in brief spurts during the game. However, if you’re looking for a speedy method to win a fight, you may learn the move quicker than with any of the other starters. Fortunately, you won’t need to master the majority of the movements that other beginners do. Latios only learns two, yet they are both very strong.
Dialga is diametrically opposed to Latios. In contrast to Latios, Dialga lacks type immunity. This implies that if you assault Dialga and then swap him out for another ‘type,’ Dialga will be rendered defenseless. Dialga, on the other hand, is robust enough to resist the majority of assaults. Even if he is replaced with a new, he will always be able to generate enough energy to survive long enough for another Pokemon to assist him.
Latios and Dialga are unquestionably two of the new games’ greatest winners. They are able to develop at a much younger age, which means they will start off stronger. Additionally, they are capable of learning new moves more quickly, which means that they will be able to learn any conceivable maneuver. However, their potential to Mega Evolve is one of the greatest features of these two reset pokemon x.
Mega Evolutions let you to transform your Pokemon into something much greater and more powerful than they were before the game began. However, you are no longer confined to evolution alone. Additionally, you may acquire other skills such as Levitate or Technician. Completing a gym fast is now lot simpler than in previous Pokemon games, due to all of the innovative and interesting elements included in the Nintendo DS’s newest titles.

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