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Elder Scrolls may quite possibly be the most storied and popular WRPG in gaming history( with the Fallout series a close second) The series has always been about MASSIVE open world exploration, while giving you total control over your character build. Oblivion is 6 years old, and still beloved and played by many gamers over […]
Its not a secret that having a good pair of headphones will enhance your gaming experience. There are many brands out there, and all at varying prices. Some as high as 300$ dollars! I’m here to review the two Turtle Beach models I own, in order to help some people realize you don’t need to […]
No longer the King After 10+ years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever is finally here. This game is legendary for all the wrong reasons. We all know about the multiple delays, causing the game to be pushed back till 2011, and even cancelled at one point, until GearBox grabbed it from the scrap heap. From […]
Concept- An open world Superhero game, which lets you choose your moral alignment Game play- Very action oriented. You use you super powers of electricity, and have the ability to scale buildings like Spider-man Graphics/ Sound- Very good. The graphics are a noticeable improvement over the original, and the voice acting is top notch. Replay […]
Call of Duty has been the king of console shooter for many years now. Whether that is deserved is up to debate. I have been a Battlefield fan for years, and am still a player of Bad Company 2. It has always been the better of the two franchises in my opinion. Especially of late, […]
This will be the first of a monthly installment on Gaming Reviews and More. There are tons of under the radar games every year, that many people let pass by. This is my way of introducing a lesser known game into the community. Dragon’s Dogma is an upcoming action RPG, slated for release in early […]
There may be cake! Concept- Puzzles with a gun that makes portals. Game play- Incredibly creative, mind bending puzzles are the focus. Use your portal gun to navigate various challenges. Graphics/ Sound- About average. Nothing Special. There are some nice lighting effects though. Replay Value- Fairly high. There is a single player mode, as well […]
  inFAMOUS 2 is finally here. This is a Sucker Punch developed game, that has been highly anticipated since inFAMOUS won PS3 gamers over. I wont spend much time explaining the game concepts, as I’ll save that for my upcoming review. But the game is an open world action game, where you play as superhuman […]
This is a list of the major releases for the upcoming month. 6/7- inFAMOUS 2 -Red Faction Armageddon 360 and PS3 -Shadows of the Damned 360 and PS3 -Supremacy MMA 360 and PS3 6/14- Alice: Madness Returns 360 and PS3 -Duke Nukem Forever 360 and PS3 -Child Of Eden 6/21- Dungeon Siege III 36, PC […]
TOASTY! Concept- The storied franchise return to it’s 2D roots with loads of nostalgia. Gameplay- Classic 2D fighter with a bunch of upgrades to the system Graphics- Very well done. Captures the old feel of the characters and stages perfectly Re playability- High Online- 1-4 players Mortal Kombat has finally returned to glory! This beloved […]

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