How To Close Every Sale In Network Marketing

The Secret Of Closing Every Sale In Network Marketing

In an mlm business, network marketers make the grave mistake by trying hard to close the sale using their clever presentation techniques. However, this “coax’ method is ineffective, time-consuming and energy wasting! In fact, the best strategy is never persuade anyone to join your mlm business is the key method in succeeding. Don’t ever try to sell things to anyone.

Don’t try to sell things to anyone

I remember insurance agents, sellers and sales people stationed their booth at train stations, bus interchanges and shopping malls to catch commuters to see their plans and business. The outcome is facing numerous rejections and what they are doing is playing with number to win the game. Ratio is their key. However, after thinking it through, this is like approaching anyone aimlessly. When an army intrude an enemy ground, they need laser target aim at the base, because that is where the command centre is. Similarly, we need to target the right people; else we are losing our resource and time.

So how should we go about it to close the sale?

1) Create an open mind

So to ensure your prospective prospect interested in what you have to offer, it is important to establish a long term relationship rather than a short term one. Hence, the key is to learn how to open the sale, rather than closing the sale. Nobody likes to be forced to buy something. Strangely, shoppers went to department store and after sometime, they came out with bags of items. Did anyone coax them to buy something? So what is the secret here: Do Not Sell but display good service and possess good knowledge in your field.

2) Be An Expert

My friend went to the Sport House to get some shoes. But he was spoiled for choice. In fact, he had no intention to buy anything from the shop but the salesman approached him and explained to him the traits, benefits of each shoes and even offer recommendation for him. He was surprised by his knowledge and his professionalism and thereby, the salesman won his trust by becoming an expert, acting as a consultant to help his client meets his needs. In the end, my friend bought a piece of shoes back.

3) Never pre-judged a potential client

Sometime, we network marketers tend to think, my friend surely will not like this business or what if he or she rejects me. What will happen if they know I have engaged in this business and they start laughing at me? Because of this, we make the grave mistake of pre-judging a potential qualified customer. Don’t jump to conclusion. The problem lies in being we had no faith in our product and the business. If we do, we will not have entertained such thoughts, instead we should feel proud to share it. If you do encounter such a problem, the foremost thing is to understand why you join this business and how confidence is you in the products? After settling this issue, start jotting down your prospect list and don’t write anyone off. You will never know they may be the perfect candidates for the business that you are introducing them.

Again, learn this 3 skills well, don’ sell but create an open mind and be good service. Secondly, be an expert providing sound and valuable recommendation. Thirdly, don’t pre-judge anyone and I believe your business will flourish if you follow these 3 golden tips.

Good luck.

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