10 Tips to Increase FPS in Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that can be addictive. It can make the graphics really important. But even if you have the best graphics and hardware, your FPS might not be good enough to play Fortnite well. Here are 10 ways to increase your FPS in Fortnite!

Why is my FPS on fortnite so low?

If your FPS is too low, it could be because of your graphics card. You can fix this by updating the graphics card to a newer one. It also might be because of the computer settings. Make sure you have updated video drivers and that Fortnite has priority in task manager.

How do I increase my FPS in fortnite Chapter 2?

You might need to turn down some settings on your computer for a good experience. You can do this by turning down the settings that are most important for performance. For example, turning off shadows or anti-aliasing.

If you have motion blur on, it will make your computer slower. When the objects move quickly across the screen, they will be blurred and it might be difficult to see what is going on in intense moments, like fights. Turn off motion blur to increase your framerate so you can see more smoothly.

It is a good idea to turn down the environment in your computer because other things might start to lag.

If you can turn off the fog, do it. Fog is useful when hiding in buildings or shooting enemies, but it can be expensive to render because objects have to be simulated at different distances. Turn off any options related to drawing or “fog” if possible and your FPS might go up!

If you are on a PC, try playing with the resolution instead of changing your graphics. You might not get as high a framerate this way, but many players play their games with higher resolutions anyway. Try what is best for you and experiment to see what works best for your setup.

If you’re playing Fortnite on a console, set the framerate limit in the settings menu to reduce lag and increase performance.

Close programs that are using up your computer’s resources. Otherwise, something else will.

When you finish playing Fortnite, don’t start another game. Your computer will be less busy and it will help your FPS (frames per second) if both games are demanding.

Check to see if there are any updates for your graphics driver and other computer software. Games might work better on some computers than others. Updates for drivers help make the games work better on different systems.

If other things aren’t working, try playing at an earlier date when fewer people are online. Or spend some time during hours when few people are online. This will increase your FPS without sacrificing the quality of your gameplay since no one will be around to see how pixelated you look 😉

Optimize your battery usage to make the game last longer before it needs to be recharged.

When you make changes to your video settings, if the things on your screen are not clear or there are fewer things on your screen, then it is not doing what you want. Try different video settings until you find one that has clearer objects and more of them on your screen.


Tips: move through buildings quickly, take cover when possible, and don’t run near walls. These might help your framerate if it is low!

If you are not using NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay, download it. It is a free program that automatically records gameplay videos and screenshots. This will increase your FPS in Fortnite because you won’t have to use as many resources when the game plays so the game will be more fluid and you can increase your framerate without sacrificing quality of gameplay.

You can change how your textures are shown on screen. Make sure to click “low” or “medium” instead of “high” or “ultra”. This will help with your FPS in Fortnite because the graphics card won’t have to do as much work.



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