How To Port Vodafone To Jio With Zero Data Loss

If you’re a Jio customer on a Vodafone, there’s good news. You can get your VodaFone ported to Jio without any data loss. Here are the steps you need to follow to migrate your number from Vodafone to Jio.

How to migrate your VodaFone number to Jio

**Make sure your Vodafone number has been ported to Jio.

– Porting from Vodafone to Jio is not an option. So, if you are on a Vodafone network, you will have to port your number away from the network and onto the Jio network.

– If you have already ported your number to Jio, it means that your number is active on the Jio network and ready for use.

– If you haven’t yet ported, choose one of the following methods:

1) Visit the nearest tower of your selected service provider and physically disconnect/disconnect your LTE device from the last available slot.​

2) Dial *231*55# on your LTE device in order to check if it’s connected with any mobile operator or not

3) Dial *232*55# on your LTE device in order to check if it’s connected with any mobile operator or not

What you need to do after migrating

1. On your old phone, go to Settings

2. Go to the “Phone” tab

3. Tap on “More” at the bottom

4. Scroll down to “Migrate from Vodafone”

5. If you have an eligible number, select it and follow the instructions

6. You’ll need to reset your phone’s settings in order to get connected

7. Once set up is complete, you can use your new number on Jio

Who can migrate their number?

If you are a Jio customer on a Vodafone, your number can be ported to Jio without any data loss.

This process will replace your old number with a new Jio number.

What does it cost?

It’s free to port your Vodafone number to Jio. You’ll need to change your SIM card though. The cost of a new SIM card will depend on the model you choose and how much data is included with that SIM card.

Can I port my Vodafone SIM to Jio?

You can port your Vodafone SIM to Jio. This means that you’ll need to follow these steps in order for the porting process to happen successfully:

1) Disconnect the Vodafone SIM from the device

2) Insert a Jio SIM into your device

3) Get a new Vodafone SIM from Vodafone

4) Activate the new Vodafone SIM on your phone

5) Wait for the porting to be done with zero data loss

Is porting to Jio free?

Yes, porting your number to Jio is completely free. Vodafone doesn’t charge anything for porting your number.

Can I port from VI to Jio?

Yes, you can port your Vodafone number to Jio. It’s easy when you use the right tool.

To start off, make sure that you have a valid sim card with the Jio network. If not, then you need to buy a new sim card with the Jio network on it.

You can also get a new sim card from stores like Reliance Digital or Reliance Jio Store. You can also order a new sim card online from the Jio website.

How much does it cost to port from Vodafone to Jio?

It typically costs between Rs. 250 and Rs. 500, depending on the number of phone lines you have on your Vodafone account.

To port your number from Vodafone to Jio, you will need a new SIM card. Once you’ve opened the new Jio SIM card, insert it into your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the porting process.


Migrating your Vodafone number to Jio is easy! Follow these steps to get started:

1. Login to your Vodafone account and visit “Account and Services”

2. Select the “Migrate to Jio” option

3. After the migration has been processed, visit “My Account” and select “Jio Number Transfer” to port your number to a new number

4. Once this is done, download Jio app and create your new Jio number

5. You will be asked to provide your Aadhaar number and bank details as verification for your new number

6. After these are verified, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of migrating your Vodafone number to Jio!

You can also port your Vodafone SIM to Jio if you no longer need it or have been forced to get a new one.

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