How to speed up application launch and view photos on Windows 10

Here are two issues that Windows 10 users feel extremely uncomfortable since the operating system came out.

Although Windows 10 marks Microsoft completely changing the version of its computer operating system since the failure of Windows 8, it has not been called complete perfection in the eyes of users. Demonstrating that Microsoft continues to develop Windows 10 and listen to users’ opinions in the test versions to update and fix the problems in the official version.

However, there are some problems that Microsoft has not overcome in Windows 10, and this is also annoying that users often encounter. Specifically, the application launch time, software on Windows 10 is quite long, takes 5-10 seconds compared to Windows 7. In addition, removing Windows Photo Viewer and replacing with Photos also makes time it takes to open and view photos longer.

As you can see here is 2 quite outstanding problems in Windows 10 that Microsoft needs to overcome in the future, and if you do not want to wait long, you can refer to the following fixes.

Speed up application launch time, software on Windows 10

Step 1: Enter the keyword “Regedit” in the search box and open it.

Step 2: The Registry Editor window appears, navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer”.

Step 3: Right-click on Explorer and select New > Key.

Name this new Key “Serialize”.

Step 4: Click Serialize and move the mouse to the right cell, right-click and choose New> String Value.

Name this new String “StartupDelayInMSec”.

Next, double-click StartupDelayInMSec and enter the number “0” in the Value data box in the popup window.

Finally, press OK to save and restart Windows to check the results.

Bring Windows Photo Viewer back to Windows 10 and use it as the default image viewer

In general, it is not that Photos is bad, but it is not optimal enough for users. To be fair, Windows Photo Viewer is simply an image viewer, which can rotate an inverted image, zoom, which means it offers the most basic image viewing features. Photos, besides all the features of Windows Photo Viewer, also has a number of photo editing tools such as filters, photo cropping, lighting correction, so Photos is definitely heavier and slower than Windows Photo Viewer.

But, if you simply want to see the image and not want to do anything else, Windows Photo Viewer will be a reasonable choice, and here is how to bring it back on Windows 10.

Download this package ( and unzip it, launch the “Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer_ALL_USERS.reg” file.

Click Yes> OK in the window that appears to confirm the file launch.

When finished, right-click on any image and select Open With> Choose another app.

Click “Windows Photos Viewer” and check the option “Always use this app to open …”, then click OK to save.

Finally, open Settings and access Apps> Default apps, click on the option under Photo viewer and change it to Windows Photo Viewer.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Hope this article will be useful for you.