Unreal Tournament User Created Models

Today I’m here to inform all you Unreal Tournament 3 fans out there, about an excellent model amp; skin mod I recently found for free download. Created by =[iWaNN]= the KaT-031283MAA is an excellently created character for UT3. My recent play through of the model showed no signs of geometry error except for a torso piece in the character creator showed up invisible, however none of the bots were created in game with this error, or conflict with the game itself, so from a implementation perspective, this character gets a 4. 5 out of 5 from me.
Click here for a series of screenshots I took of the model in-game.

The model itself is amazingly well crafted, with a nice handful of switchable body parts to customize the look of the character into a handy number of different combinations. It definitely shows that the author spent quality time making this item. The style strikes me as a very futuristic android with some steam-punk influence, possibly hints at some inspiration from anime designs I’ve seen. The helmets and backpacks with fin attachments are my favorite parts of this piece, especially the red eye design used on the full helmets. The model also comes with 5 bots that use the model with varying pieces of the 4 Helmets, 3 Torsos, 4 boots and 4 arms that can be witched out. The head, shoulder pads and torso are not interchangeable, however there are other ancillary parts that can be enabled such as backpack with different fins. For the effort that went into designing this model to make it fit in terms of quality with the game provided models, and the overall originality in style I rate this model 4.5/5

Click here to go to the model’s download page where you can find a link to the archive, along with further details about the model written by the author, and Installation instructions (these are also included in the read me, plus points for this)

Here is a video showing 3 of the androids dueling each other in deathmatch: