Affiliate Marketing Site Personalization Widget Available Soon!

Since leaving CableOrganizer, I’ve been working on trying to develop and sell the solutions which we came up with there. I realize now how difficult a task that is.

So, we have these patent-pending technologies. Wicked Sciences is a reseller for the PreCognitive Search solution. This is a dynamic personalization element available for your site which uses your current site search function to create dynamic elements related to the incoming search keyword of your referring engine. Right now, we’re looking for resellers, beta testers, and people willing to offer up data so we can refine the tool even more. So, we have that, which presents users with clear calls-to-action in a customized include, module, zone…whathaveyou.

Working at CableOrganizer this was a huge win. The space that the PreCognitive Search took up was worth enormous value. At times, it topped 10-15k per month. So, moving to Wicked and having rights to sell this software to ecommerce companies, I thought, there’s no way to lose.

Well, I moved on and got to thinking, there’s got to be a way to get this to people where it helps them the most and further justifies their investment in the tool. So, I started playing with numbers and looking at where marketing spend was, and I realized, AFFILIATES!!!!

So, now, with the patent-pending application, we’re going to also offer an affiliate module (like a widget or a piece for a CMS like Joomla or WordPress) which an affiliate site can subscribe to through their sponsor. Using that module, when a visit to a landing page on an affiliate happens from Google, MSN, or Yahoo!, an ecommerce site can serve up dynamic personalization for that affiliate. In turn, that increases the chances a user will not only visit a retail site, but an add-to-cart call to action exists right in the object. What’s even better, is that we can also build in web analytics so that it plugs into Omniture, Coremetrics, HitBox or Google Analytics…whatever, just to get some accountability out of the affiliate.

Now the tricky part. I need to get this into the hands of the people who can translate what I’ve just said to the decision makers at major companies. As of right now, we have no partnerships exclusive to this strategy….we do, however, have patent-pending on the focus technology and the business method. I’d like anyone with an interest in testing this, measuring it, offering a trial to a client or more to contact me as soon as possible.

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