Z13 the most powerful computer in the world!

IBM Z13, according to the US company, is the most powerful computer in the world, the most powerful mainframe server. A technological monster with this appellation has a price to match – cost $ 1 billion. What is fabulous in this device is the size. If until now, such a digital monster occupies a studio space, IBM engineers have managed to reduce the size that looks a refrigerator with double doors.

According ibm.com, mainframe servers are used in certain industries where it takes a lot of computing power and secure transactions such as banking, funds hadging, telecom, airlines, scholarships or institutions such as defense ministries. IBM Z13 can support almost 3 billion transactions per day, it is more efficient than previous products. In addition to performance, people at IBM say they have introduced applications that analyze all suspicious activities to detect possible illegal activity before they occur. They will say that could detect hacker attempts to access, and in addition the system is able to block illicit activities RAT type or Hydra, blocking their codes before there is damage.

Mainframe servers are necessary and increasingly more vital now because everything most users in countries such as USA, UK, Japan or the United Arab Emirates, are now beginning to realize more and more transactions on smartphones and tablets, and mainframe respond better to requests from mobile terminals, according to WSJ magazine. IBM Z13 system configuration allows the use of up to 141 processors with up to 8 cores, and each core can support processes comparable to 50 conventional servers, American experts say. There is a light variant of the Z13 model that cost $ 200,000. It is recommended as a way for companies using cloud storage services.

After a while, it seems that China has the most powerful supercomputer in the world, displacing the United States for the third consecutive year.

Tianhe-2, owned by the Chinese government and is used by the National University of Defence Technology retains the title of fastest supercomputer in the world for the third consecutive year. China’s ambitions in this area are mirrored by 20% and increasing the number of systems that appear in the top 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world. Meanwhile, the top US presence diminished by 15% .With speed estimated at 33.86 petaflop / s (33.86 billion billion floating point operations per second horse), Tianhe-2 comes just five years after the first system calculation that exceeded the threshold of 1 petaflop / s, created by IBM Roadrunner famous.

Guangzhou City operated by a team of 1300 engineers, Tianhe-2 is composed of 16,000 interconnected processing nodes, each containing two Intel Xeon processors Ivy Bridge range, Xeon Phi coprocessors and two 88GB RAM. In total, Tianhe-2 has 3.12 million cores and 1 375 Terabytes of RAM. Comparable to a small city, energy consumption can reach 17.6MW / hr at maximum load, respectively 24MW / hr after the inclusion of air-conditioning systems used to control the temperature.

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