The Power of Scripts in Winning Business


Asking for a referral or some business is not the same as asking for a beer, a massage or a hotel room. Those kind of things are quite clearly a transaction – you swap your money for something tangible. You benefit directly from that product or service.

Asking for referrals is similar to asking for help. It evokes an emotional response that is very much affected by what you say and how you say it. That’s why you need scripts!

You may remember me telling you this:

“The worst time to think of the best thing to say is as the words are coming out of your mouth.”

When you go into a meeting with a client, you’re prepared and ready, and have all the right things to say and the right information at hand. Yet, when you ask for referrals or go networking, you ‘wing it’ and make things up as you go along. This is a recipe for failure unless you are in the 2% that are naturals in this domain. I’m guessing you might not be…

The problem with scripts is that they don’t sit comfortably with most people. Yet all of the top rainmakers, business builders and sales people use scripts. They say the same things time after time, whether they realise it or not. Why? Because they know it gets the results they’re looking for.

If you’re scared of scripts, it will be for two reasons:



So let’s look at these. First, if you have golden phrases, great questions, door-opening statements and wonderful conversational pieces, you need not fear sounding like a script.

Practise them in your car, while you walk, with a friend or colleague, and make them natural. A significant proportion of my key messages and business building phrases are planned and practised in advance to sound natural and spontaneous.


Think of your favourite movie. Now think how it made you feel. Happy? Sad? Entertained? Scared? Thrilled? Moved? Consider that every word in that film was written, rehearsed and performed a hundred times by the time it gets to you. And it still evoked that passion and feeling in you.


Consider the great songs which move you and bring you to tears or lift you up. Again, all scripted, I’m afraid. Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted and well-delivered word or phrase to elicit the response you want.


On losing your personal style, get over it. Your style can shine through any script. You can say ‘how are you?’ in twenty different ways, all with a certain style. The secret is to craft scripts that fit your style of delivery and your personality.


Here are three key situations for which you should prepare scripts. Write out possible answers, rehearse them and deliver them in a timely way. You’ll find opportunities and new business opening up before your very eyes!


Answers to tough questions:

* So what do you do?
* How’s business?
* Who are your clients?
* Why should I choose [company]?


Handling objections:

* It’s not the right time.
* How much do you charge?
* I’m happy where I am.
* Can you do me a deal?


Asking for referrals:

·          When you meet contacts or clients in an informal situation.

·          When they thank you.

·          When you’ve done something good for them.

·          When you’ve successfully resolved a complaint.

·          When they’re in a great mood.

·          When you’ve put referrals on the agenda.


Unless you’ve got great answers to these, you’re undermining your best chances to create wonderful opportunities, win more business, generate more referrals and sell more.

For some of the best scripts available, check out the Ultimate Objection Handling Script Manual, the Referral Scripts Bible, the Liking Bible and the Great Networking Questions Bible. They do all the hard work of giving you those great things to say. Now all you need to do is learn them and say them!

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