Xbox 360 Not Reading Discs? Here’s How To Easily Fix This Problem Fast

Is your Xbox 360 Not Reading Discs]? Is the error that keeps coming up driving you up the wall since you can’t enjoy your gaming sessions? Fret not, I will offer you some assistance in dealing with this nuisance.

Possible Reasons Why Your Xbox 360 Is Not Reading Discs

If your Xbox 360 is not reading discs, it boils down to whether the issue is with the discs you are trying to play, or an issue with the console itself. If the issue is with the discs, then you will just have to replace them, and the issue is resolved. Otherwise, the issue could be with the disc reader inside the console, and this might need some technical tampering.

Simple Things to Try if Your Xbox 360 is Not Reading Discs the Way It Should

The following steps are several basic things you can first attempt without having to get very technical:

* Reboot your console, and try playing a disc again. If it still shows the same error, unplug and re-plug the cables on the console. Also make sure the console has not overheated as this may lead to disc read errors as well.
* Ensure that the format of the disc is supported by your Xbox. If it isn’t, get a copy of the disc that is supported.
* Clean the disc you are trying to play with a damn cloth, and also the tray of the disc player. Try playing again.
* If the above mentioned steps fail, it means that the disc reader inside the console might have an issue. If this is the case, please go on and read the information I have provided below.

If your disc reader has an issue, then you will have to open up the Xbox to clean it. Doing this will void your warranty if it’s still valid. If your warranty is valid, you can send you console to Microsoft to be fixed, however, this would mean no gaming for a couple of weeks. If your warranty is already expired or void, then Microsoft can still fix it for you, but they will charge you $150 and you still have to wait.

Instead of giving your Xbox away for a few weeks, why not try and resolve the issue yourself? It will be an immediate, easy fix that will just take an hour or two of your gaming time, instead of a few weeks!

Using a Step by Step Repair Guide to Get Your Stubborn Xbox 360 to Read Discs Again

Resolving this issue is pretty simple if you are good in technical stuff, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll need some assistance. For this I highly recommend this complete step by step instructional guide, with videos and text to better your understanding of the repairing process. This guide is excellent and you will definitely get your Xbox fixed in no time at all!

The conclusion is that you can take the basic steps above to try and fix the issue with your Xbox, but if your disc reader is the one with the problem, then you are going to need help to fix it on your own. For this, a thorough step by step guide is required so as to give you clear instructions on what to do.

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