How To Create A Blog…What Is Blogging And Who can Blog?

“How to create a blog,” that is something most beginners struggle with. Before we go into that, let’s do the basics first.

The term blogging may not be strange to you anymore, as against a couple of years ago, when it was relatively new. What may be new to you is what the term “blog” means. For an introduction to blogging, this is the right article for you.


This is the part that may be a bit new to some people. The word “blog” is actually a short form for “weblog”. It is simply is an online personal diary or journal. Yes, it’s that simple. Just like your normal diary and journals, you kind pretty much do whatever you like with it. You can write whatever you like on it. It is your space on the web.

Most people use their blogs to share their personal opinion on various issues like politics, sports, food, education and many more. In the early years of blogging, it was only classified as a hobby. People just loved to share their day to day experiences online. As time went on, those early writers started gaining followers and readers. That in turn gear the bloggers up the more and the new phase of blogging began. described blog as: a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

Now that you know what the a blog means, you should know other terms associated with it.

Blog (verb): to write a blog or compose a an article for your blog.

Blogger: a person who updates or writes blogs .

Blogging: the art of writing a blog.



Anybody can blog. There is no educational requirement for blogging. These days, blogging has become one of the easiest things to do. Aside the setting up, which may require a bit of technicalities, other things are so easy. Even for things that otherwise require the knowledge of coding and all, we have various plugins that do those jobs for us now. All you need do is get the instructions and follow them religiously, you are good to go.

The key is you asking questions. You will get stuck at intervals, not too worry, go online and ask people, help will come.


People blog for various reasons. Some people blog because they want their voices to be heard. Some blog because they want to promote a business. Some blog just for the fun of it. This is probably why most people do it these days, they blog for money.

So, it is basically free to blog about anything at all you find interesting. It is entirely up to you.



This post is just to introduce you to blogging. It’s just to tell you the very basics of blogging. In subsequent posts, I shall be going into details on the steps to take towards setting up your own blog and how to start making money from it.

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