10 Easy Ways to Use Multiple Tools For Facebook

You know how you can use multiple social media tools for the same job or reach target audience at the same time? Or how you can use different tools for the same job or achieve the same results before switching …

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How To Make Your Own Android Game!

Gaming on mobile devices has become quite popular these days. Between the huge library of games that are available as well as the low cost of entry, everyone has been getting into gaming on their mobile devices.

If you are …

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How To Cheat In Kahoot: The Easiest Way To Get A Perfect Score

Kahoot’s built a loyal following over the past few years with its fun, simple take on group learning. It’s one of the best ways to keep students engaged and test your knowledge at the same time. This article is the …

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How To Set Caller Tune In in AirTel

AirTel is India’s leading mobile carrier, with over 100 million subscribers. In order to set caller tune in, your AirTel number should be entered in the contact list of your friend or family member’s phone. This can be done by …

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How To Port Vodafone To Jio With Zero Data Loss

If you’re a Jio customer on a Vodafone, there’s good news. You can get your VodaFone ported to Jio without any data loss. Here are the steps you need to follow to migrate your number from Vodafone to Jio.…

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Snapchat Not Working? Here Are 5 Solutions To Fix It

Snapchat is a fun and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. But what happens when it stops working? In this article, we will show you how to fix Snapchat not working.

How To Fix Snapchat When

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8 Ways to Screen Record on Your HP Laptop.

Screen recording is handy for many reasons. You can use it to share a tutorial for your office’s latest project, create a video to show your team how to use a new software, or just document what you learn …

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How To Close Every Sale In Network Marketing

The Secret Of Closing Every Sale In Network Marketing

In an mlm business, network marketers make the grave mistake by trying hard to close the sale using their clever presentation techniques. However, this “coax’ method is ineffective, time-consuming and …

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How To Create A Blog…What Is Blogging And Who can Blog?

“How to create a blog,” that is something most beginners struggle with. Before we go into that, let’s do the basics first.

The term blogging may not be strange to you anymore, as against a couple of years ago, when …

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How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use?

A laptop is a personal computer that can be powered from an external power source such as a wall socket or battery. These computers are commonly found in homes and offices, with the average laptop running on watts.

– Laptops …

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